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Rahua Shampoo Where To Buy [EXCLUSIVE]

I naturally have fine, thin hair and it was quite damaged from dying. This shampoo works so well and made my hair so shiny. It literally felt healthier after the first use. I can get about 3 good hair days from one wash.

rahua shampoo where to buy


This shampoo makes my hair feel incredible and it happened immediately. It feels like my hair shaft is thicker and healthier, and my dried hair feels healthier than it has since probably before I started dying it. My only issue is that I go through it really quickly and would love the option for a larger size if the price makes sense. Love it though and have turned my family onto it now too!

Rahua's range of shampoos & conditioners are derived from ethically sourced, natural ingredients that nourish and revive your dry, brittle & damaged hair. From deep within the Amazon Rainforest, Rahua oil is sustainably produced by over 500 indigenous families to provide unmatched natural haircare results.

Clean Beauty Market are a local Australia authorised stockists of Rahua shampoo & conditioners and hair care. Shop online now - we deliver the full range of Rahua Australia wide, with free shipping on orders over $99.

Good little (I realize 10 year-old!) article although I don't understand the last point about the omegas nor the photo of the leaves. Ungurahui oil is for topical use and made from cold-pressing the olive-looking fruits of this palm type tree which grows naturally in wetlands of the Amazon. We sell pure, wild-harvested Oenocarpus Bataua Oil at a fraction of the price of Amazon Beauty at is a great product with all 5 star reviews and known as Ungurahua Oil / Ungurahui Oil / Bataua Oil / Pataua Oil. Purchases help protect the forest from clearing for mono-culture. Cheers and Abrazos!

I've been using Rahua for years- it's the only shampoo I've found that doesn't worsen my cystic acne or trigger any of my many sensitivities/allergies. I've used dozens of brands of natural shampoo and this is by far my favorite. Bonus- it completely eradicated my dandruff and my hair feels great. As other commenters have mentioned, rahua is a real ingredient and this article is way off base.

This article is completely wrong. The Rahua nut is the from Ungurahua tree. Same thing, different word for different languages. Not hard to find proof at all, as she said the Ungurahua is a widely she contradicted herself in her own article. Frustrating that people need to disparage everything when the proof of the opposite is easily found.

Hi, I am seventy three years old and I have bleached hair , I have used Rahul shampoo, conditioner and the elixir the results are absolutely amazing my hair is lustrous and shiny wouldn't use any thing else

I got the shampoo as a free trial and i LOVE IT. It has sort of a woody smell that i dont love, but the shampoo itself made my fine hair look and feel thick and silky. I love it. I wish it wasnt so expensive.

I bought it because I want to keep my silver white hair in that condition. This shampoo made my hair yellow! Spent 2 months trying to figure out how to get rid of the yellowing. What a scam. I have 2/3 bottle I'll never use.

Ok... I haven't tried it yet, I'm planning on buying some (hence my Googling for ingredients etc) and came across this article. Just to put you straight, Rahua oil does exists it's Ungurahua oil. Ok. Clue is in the name. My guess is that they use the seed from within the fruit and have marketed that as the Rahua nut, they have taken the fruit pulp and used oil from that and listed that as Ungurahua oil. So, to be fair, they aren't lying, it exists, it's legit, it's just a clever marketing trick they are using. Next time, do your research properly.

Well, I've tried it and I LOVE it. I have a terrible scalp condition that causes huge scaley plaques to form on my head. Not only are they itchy, they cause my hair to fall out. They peel up and big clumps of my hair lift up and off as well. I was searching for what to do about it and came across this stuff. I had been to the doctor already and some of the prescription stuff worked here and there but wasn't consistent and was pretty darn expensive (one bottle of goo costs $350). The Rahua shampoo is the best I've ever used. Honestly. THE BEST! I'm not being paid to say this. I'm just someone who bought it off of Amazon. This is the best my hair has ever looked. The best my scalp has EVER been. And I've only been using it for four days so far. I will never use anything else. I'm getting some for my sisters (they don't have this condition). Worth every penny. And I only use a pea size dab to wash my hair. I can't say enough how great it is!

I contacted the brand. The Rahua brand uses the Ungurahua nut oil PLUS the final product the natives produce by cooking the nuts (a golden oil/butter), so it's like:Ungurahua oil = the "raw" nut oil, not the processed/cooked one.Rahua nut oil = the golden oil/butter, the final product the natives produce by cooking the nuts.This is why they mention the Ungurahua oil two times in the ingredients list, and chose or created a new name for the processed golden oil/butter, "Rahua" (though it seems some natives already call the product they get by cooking the nuts "Rahua", so probably the brand didn't even create the term).

Hello, I'm from Brazil. Excuse me for my poor English."Rahua" does exist. This brand is calling the Patauá/Ungurahua's nut as Rahua, that's it, but it comes from the same palm tree/are the same thing. Here in Brazil it's called Patauá or Ungurahui (Oenocarpus bataua or Jessenia bataua (palm tree)), used as aliment (beverage, ice creams), source of high quality protein, provides intensive nourishment to the skin and accelerates repair of skin damage, also helps fortifying the hair, maintaining the natural color and brightness of the hair. May also be used for facial care. Sometimes used as medicine for breathing and respiratory disorders. It's considered a rare palm tree/oil.I found the Patauá (that time, named as "ungurahua") oil being sold in a 60ml small bottle in the northern Brazilian state of Bahia once. The origin was Ecuadorian or Peruvian, I can't remember exactly now.Oh, and that's curious: "Tungurahua" is an active stratovolcano located in the Cordillera Oriental of Ecuador.Now about the Rahua's products... I haven't tried them yet, but I really want to. Just looking at the ingredients list, most of them are organic/100% natural. Organic products are usually more expensive, but also usually worth it. The feedback is mostly positive. So I'm planning on ordering it soon!Thanks for reading.

It seems some people are ill informed. Rahua uses the rainforest grown Ungurahua nut. The nut is called by different names such as ungurahui, muyo, shiwamuyo and Rahua. Kind've like a sub is called a hoagie, grinder, torpedo etc. At the bare minimum try using the products and doing more research before jumping to conclusions. And just using the shampoo with another conditioner is in itself daft if you are basing a review on it. I have tried a ridiculous amount of high priced hair care over the years and have sought high and low for something natural. To date this is the best stuff I've ever put on my hair. After only one use my hair looked like a hair care commercial.

I agree with the other people who have made comments on this, that Rahua is a fantastic brand. The shampoo, conditioner and the styling cream are the best I've tried. It makes hair so shiny and styling is just bliss. I think you need to rewrite your review when you've actually tried the products!

I too am incredibly impressed by Rahua hair products. I have tons of super fine hair that frizzes at the slightest amount of humidity and have been experiencing quite a bit of hair loss after shampooing with what I thought was top of the line hair products. After using Rahua products, my hair feels like the hair I've always wanted. Frizz free, shiny, and best of all it has stopped the hair loss! I will be throwing away hundreds of dollars worth of every hair product known to man and will use only the Rahua products.

I came across your article when I googled RAHUA to see where I can buy it in the States as I just ran out and I'm from London and I'm in NY for 2 months.I have to say, for someone who writes about products - maybe you should try them first before you give brash comments.I bought my first set at Liberty in London after the sales girl raved about it and how it changed her hair after a few washes. It sounded like a sales pitch, but I have to say her looked beautiful and her color fab - so I bought it and after a week, my hair which is colored and very dry came back to life. Truly Rahua is a miracle product and whatever is in it works! So do yourself a favor and try something first and then give your comment... and from looking at your photo here, your hair can use Rahua.I'm not one to ever respond to things like this, but I felt you need to be a bit more professional when it comes to giving your comments.Signed - A big fan of Rahua Amanda Sterling

Thought this was useful as there is an ad in the mag with the News of the World this weekend encouraging people to buy the rahua product at 26 and 27 for shampoo and conditioner! When will we all realise that if there was a product that fixes frizz, snapped ends we would all nkow about it and notice other peoples hair looking spectacular instead of all complaining about the same thing! The only thing to remedy aboe mentioned probs is a good blow drier and someone to do it for us!!!

I have been using Rahua for a few months now and my hair has never looked so good. It is much healtier and stronger...finally starting to grow. I notice that the shampoo does not strip my hair and the condtioner really leaves a nice feeling to my it!

Serendipitous would best describe Rahua's inception, which came about when renowned hairstylist Fabian Lliguin visited the Amazon and noticed he was surrounded by people with long, glossy hair. Their secret, they said, was rahua oil. Today, Fabian and his wife, Anna Ayers, work with over 500 Amazonian families to sustainably bring the Amazon's most potent beauty secret straight to your beauty cabinet. 041b061a72


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