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Nuclear power should be on the table, but the direction of the US should be how do we build new age Reactors that are part of a larger plan to sunset the old ones we currently have. Safely, we can take steps forward to remove our dependancy on oil and coal.

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As an engineer; I believe the light-water reactors are outdated & incredibly dangerous. However; the pebble-bed reactors are actually quite safe and would have actually fell idle in japan's situation. But remember, there is an issue of spent nuclear fuel disposal.

Even worst case there is a total melt down I expect under 4 dozen total fatalities. Three Mile Island turned out to be a 50% meltdown, and look how it turned out. Compare that to coal, 17,000 Americans per year according to a recent American Lung Association report and nuclear looks really safe.

Well, only grown-ups should consider nuclear power generation. Our current governing "class" does not provide me with the confidence that the United States can finance, build and soberly manage dangerous public or private projects.

New reactor designs are substantially better/safer than those currently in use in Japan. Don't let the coal lobby hijack this disaster as a means to prevent the advancement of nuclear power in the US.

I've been behind the scenes of a Nuclea powerplant and the WORKERS will even tell you the cost of building and running a plant is higher than the benefits. Why do you think we haven't built any new ones?

I think that society should rethink its use of nuclear energy. Clearly it is not a clean form of energy. I wish that we had better alternatives. I don't want to have to worry about getting radiation sickness or cancer. I think we should have learned our lesson from Chernobyl. We can't afford to be having nuclear exclusion zones all over the planet.

The nuclear power is an efficient source of energy. The coal plants put more radioactivity in the air and there are no other realistic alternatives. It should definitely be used, but the regulations need to be improved.

I am opposed to nuclear energy and always will be. As far as I know, an ideal way to dispose of radioactive waste has never been determined. We are witnessing only one kind of nuclear disaster. Many others are possible if not likely.

Hi Ali im going to say thats a BIG NO to more nuclear power it is an accident waiting to happen i live in tn and we have 3 plants close to where i live and i fear the worste from them in the future in the face of an earth quake or any natural disaster at all plus nfs of erwin are getting sued becuase of sick folks that have gotten cancer from or related to the nuclear plant i have 3 small kids and im thinking mainly about there future...thanks jason

Just as the entire justice system fails if ONE wrongly convicted man or woman receives the death penalty, I believe that Nuclear Energy just isn't worth the risk when things go wrong. We can't control everything, certainly 9.0 earth quakes and tsunamis prove that. These Japanese plants are state of the art construction and look where we are today! As we all cling to the TV screens in days-long semi panic mode, praying that this meltdown doesn't happen, surely we can agree that the cost is too high.

yes, of course. the advantages of using nuclear energy as a power source are well-documented. what is happening in japan ultimately will give the world much safer measures and technology to prevent like disasters.

Nuclear energy must be used. Historically, loss of life from nuclear energy is lower than other forms of energy. Unfortunately, there is no 100% safe, efficient energy source yet. Let's keep using the cleanest form we know of, nuclear.

Absolutely we should. If it takes a 9.0 magnitude earthquake AND a tsunami to cause a possible containment breach in a modern nuclear reactor, I'd say that's a pretty safe way to generate electricity overall. If only the oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico had been so well constructed.

I dont believe nuclear power should be used at all. The Tesla Coil can provide all the energy we need and I dont understand why nobody is using it. Perhaps because theres no money to be made in free energy.

Absolutely believe we should expand use of nuclear generation of electricity. Design of plants has improved over the 30-40 years since the Japanese facilities were built. New designs store enough"heavy" water above the reactor to allow gravity to drop water in the reactor and kill the reaction. Please do NOT over react and end an incredible alternative to fossil fuels.

This disaster is like Three Mile Island times 6. Nothing like Chernobyl. For the type of reactor it is, a 1960s design GE Mark 1, it is worse than the worst case imagined scenario, times 6. Still the fatalities will be less than 10% of last years single worst coal mine disaster.

Yes for now. But if we cant find fail safe ways to operate them and dispose of the waste they create. Then we should be investing into alternative sources of power for our future instead. Theese could include wind,solar,hydro,and natural gas. All of which are very safe and green.

From the unfolding catastrophe I think it's clear that nuclear power is not worth the risk of a meltdown and radiation leak across half the globe. If anything good can come out of this disaster hopefully it's the end of nuclear technology.

A far safer design exists that requires three materials. One of the materials is a liquid that can simply be removed to stop the reaction. Or another liquid can be added to stop the reaction. A third measure of simply sub-merging metal rods into the liquid will also stop the reaction.

A far bigger radiation threat to Americans is the poor regulation, licensing, and reporting requirements of nuclear medicine, including specialized CT scans and gamma knives. People actually die from the poor regulation of this equipment.

No! Hell no!! Why are we putting ourselves at risk for death and horrible diseases that our children are even more susceptible to? We've known of the dangers of nuclear for years, now the worst fears are being realized. The same money spent on lethat nuclear can go to clean solar and wind which will be safe and create new green jobs as well. I'm sick of these dumb, money grubbing sociopaths making decisions that put everyone's life at risk.

Yes as long as all precautions are taken because it is one of the cleanest energy source there is! but we have to remember that no matter what we do we can not prevent everything from happening, we have to determined if the pro's out way the con's! i think it does. after almost 50 years of using nuclear energy we have only had 2 major problems in the world it could have been worse. much worse!

I truly believe that this should be seriously be looked at as a sign to completely removed all nuclear plants in the United States. Solar energy is clean, is created from the earth and can be used for every person in the United States. I've wondered why it hasn't been used already to tell you the truth. Why use something as deadly as nuclear energy? Why build it for that matter on the very line of an earthquake zone in the first place? I live in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, less than 10 miles from 3 mile island. I was in my senior year of high school when 3 mile island happened. We, as a family, did nothing. We couldn't. My mother was a school teacher and my father worked for the federal government. Since then, over the years, my Grandmother died of colon cancer, my brother died of bladder cancer, my mother died of lung cancer and other neighbors have died of lung cancer. We could never prove this is the reason why, but these health risks alone are enough to end this kind of energy. Frying all of the surrounding states from a nuclear meltdown is a BIG reason to stop this. It is still existing because of POLITICAL reasons? There are too many hands in the money pot to get rid of it. Someone is getting rich, just like everything else that harms us. Our people in America DO NOT care about anyone but THEMSELVES. That being do the math. Nuclear energy will NEVER cease unfortunately. We all just must have faith in God that he will have his hands wrapped around us whether we are chosen to live through this....or die through this.

NO, nuclear power is not a good source of energy. I am from the west coast where the Whoops plant was built ( partially, they ran out of money) its on a fault line. They say the west coast is long over due for a big quake and all I can say is thank god they ran out of money. This world needs to wake up. There is clean energy and big corporations and our goverment continue to fight it at the expense of the world. I have heard the Japan is way ahead on earthquake prep. but did they not think of the of what would happen with nuc's plants on fault lines. My heart goes out to the Japanese people this is the biggest tragdey. But if there is one good outcome it will be no more nuclear energy. Otherwise we are doomed to repeat history.

There are inherent dangers with all types of power, mine collapse, water pollution, air pollution, however the risks should be carefully weighed out. How many wind turbines would it take to produce the same amount of power as a nuclear power plane? What we have learned over the past 2000 years is not being utilized to the best of our abilities in my opinion...all possibilities should be analyzed carefully and the least evasive feasible option should be the path taken. Lowest cost can sometimes have hidden cost...human lives!

Nuclear Power should not be used until we have the technology to instantly neutralize radioactivity, and dispose of in a safe manner. If Nuclear power is the only alternative to meet demand, design and build it with all of mother natures threats in mind. To build something so dangerous, safety should be top priority at any cost. Building these structures in a seismic zone should be built to stand up to the largest possible seismic activity, and not to a threshold of 8.0 as an example. As well, they should be built inland a specific distance, away from Tsunami threats. Pipelines or canals for sea water could be built to provide all their needs for cooling. Look at Panama Canal? It is within our abilities. 041b061a72


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