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Reign Of Terror ((FULL)) Download Torrent


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Andronikos continues to terrorise his relatives. Many leave Byzantium seeking help from foreign courts. One arrives in Sicily and calls on the Normans to help him. They launch an invasion and sack the city of Thessalonica.

Long ago in a land of five Kingdoms an amulet, known as the Hand of Mobus, was shattered into five pieces and hidden throughout the Far Reaches. Dark Magic spread throughout the land and the evil wizard Torlok began his reign of terror. Now the fate of the Five Kingdoms rests upon Lathan, the last of the Argent Kings. To restore freedom he must first recover the broken pieces of the amulet, but his journey is filled with many challenges. Danger and evil forces await as you guide Lathan on his quest of power and magic.

A Castle Films showcase of news events for the year 1937 with English titles:"Europe's powder keg! Endless Spanish Rebellion is source of constant concern to all nations.""Worst London cloudburst in 27 years! Streets of British capital are flooded when rain descends in torrents!" "In the U.S., storms and floods render thousands homeless.""George VI reviews grand fleet. Newly crowned Monarch sees Britain's mighty sea force at it's best.""Texas horror! 450 perish when mysterious explosion demolishes school at New London.""U.S. Labor strikes. Industrial production halted - Workers lose millions in pay when Government condones 'sit down' labor war.""Rockefeller. Oil pioneer and philanthropist passes at age ninety-seven.""Amelia Earhart lost! Famous aviatrix vanishes while attempting to girdle globe. Her last picture.""London to New York in 24 hours - Giant clipper ships are trail blazers in new and old world service.""Soviet flyers win new air Laurels. Trio hops from Moscow to Vancouver, Wash., via North Pole, breaking world's distance record." "Moscow says 'Well done'!""Black to U.S. Court! Roosevelt appoints self-confessed ex-Klansman to bench from which there is no appeal!""77 million dollar bridge opens. World's largest span links Golden Gate City and East Bay area."01:07:16 "Mussolini visits Hitler in Germany. Historic meeting of two dictators draws attention of entire world." Nazis line the streets with arms raised in salute, waving Nazi flags. Nice MS of Mussolini in train window. More spectators waving flags in support. Mussolini debarks train and greets Hitler. The men shake hands and then march with Nazi elite following. Crowds, the two dictators review troops parading by."Japan invades China! Fierce air raids terrorize millions of non-combatants in Shanghai and Nanking."01:09:08 "In the hands of these five men rest the destiny of the world" CUs with titles of Mikado, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, and Roosevelt. "May they be wise, tolerant, and sane - so that peace on earth and good will towards men will reign for years to come" 153554b96e


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