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Kana Tv Drama

Kana TV is an Ethiopian satellite television channel that airs television dramas. Launched in 2016, Kana TV is known for broadcasting Turkish television series, which gained significant marketing share. Programmes are dubbed in Amharic language, and Kana TV developed locally produced shows such as #Time, #Mindin, Kana News and Sheqela. In addition, Kana TV began launching weekly documentary program Kana Passport/National Geographic and music shows Hop.

kana tv drama


Kana TV (Amharic: ቃና ቲቪ) is an Ethiopian satellite television channel owned by Dubai-based Moby Group.[1] It was co-founded by three Ethiopian entrepreneurs in combination with Moby Media Group and was officially launched on April 4, 2016.[2] Kana TV produces voice-over translation by dubbing foreign content to Amharic. The channel has specialized at serial dramas especially Turkish television dramas, which gain overall exceeding rate in its market share, becoming the most popular television channel in Ethiopia.[3]

Kana TV broadcast throughout the region by Nilesat and recently began its transmission on Ethiosat. The channel operates solely in the Amharic language with part of the content being locally produced and the other half being dubbed content.[2] The source of its popularity is the multitude dubbed foreign TV dramas it broadcasts. Among the most famous are Turkish dramas such as Kuzey Güney (Kuzi Guni), O Hayat Benim (Yetkema Hiwot), Kara Para Aşk (Tikur Fikir), Zalim Istanbul (Shimya), Cennet'in Gözyaşları (Yaltabese Emba) and Mrs. Fazilet and Her Daughters (Ye Fazilet Lijoch).[4] It has offices located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with plans to expand its studios to make room for locally produced content.[5]

Mistir Part 86 - ሚስጥር ክፍል 86 watch episode 86 of the thriller action kana TV drama Mistir. Overview: The storyline is about revenge, how a young boy was kidnapped and guess what the reason was? Vengeance! Its also about secrets kept away from a prying public who demand to know the murderer of a married woman caught in adultery, was it her secret lover or her jealous husband who killed her? There is also the developing love tango between detective Mehmet Kantarci played by (actor Mete Horozoğlu) and stunning beauty Özlem Albayrak (played by actress actress Asli Enver). This drama was dubbed to amharic by Kana TV and it's brought to you by MelaCinema. MelaCinema is the best source for Ethiopian TV shows, New Ethiopian musics, Amharic movies, comedy videos and much more entertainment contents. Like our Facebook page to get a whole lot of engaging entertainment posts. 041b061a72


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