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Buy Low Sell High Games

Overall, The Motley Fool's Buy Low, Sell High has beautifully produced components that are good quality and look good on the table. Most of the game works smoothly, but there are a few usability issues that could have been addressed by making information more available to players. That's brought the Style rating of the game down a little bit, and thus I've limited it to a high "4" out of "5"; based on the quality and beauty of the components alone it would instead have rated "5".

buy low sell high games

Buy or Sell Stock(s): The buying and selling of stock is all done with those handy price tracks. When you buy a share of stock you take it off the bottom of the track, and pay the price revealed; when you sell the stock you place it at the bottom of the track, and receive the price covered up. This is a really clever mechanic because it simulates supply and demand--the more people want a stock, the higher it goes in price, the more people sell off, the lower it goes.

On a turn a player can sell or buy two of the same stock; or buy or sell no more than one of each of the three types of stock. Somehow this rule for what you can do (2 of 1; or 1 of up to 3) is unintuitive, as I've had to explain it multiple times for every game I've played.

The Motley Fool's Buy Low, Sell High was originally released in Germany in 1996 by eg-Spiele as Palmyra. In that original game, players traded in vases along three different trade routes leading to the Grecian city of Palmyra. Uberplay has received some flack in the past for their retheming of games, but this time they hit their target dead on. I have to believe that this game was originally intended as a stock market game, because that's exactly what it simulates. If that's not the actual case, than this retheming is brilliant.

At heart BLSH is a logistical game of supply and demand. In other words, it's a pretty pure economics game. There are a few other games that try and model these same economic ideas. Die Fugger is another that I've reviewed recently.

I also occasionally, but not always, thought the randomness was a little high, mostly related to fees cards and when rounds happened to end. However, these elements are at least somewhat controllable, since you can try to diversify to avoid fees and use fees & breaking news to control when the round ends. It's just not 100% under your control, as much of the rest of the game feels like it is.

After months of preparation and patience, Week 1 of the NFL season is nearly here, bringing with it the start of the fantasy football season. But even with the season just days away, the fantasy landscape is always changing. Here are a handful of players entering Week 1 of the fantasy football season that present an optimal opportunity to buy low or sell high.

It took some time, but when the sun finally rose, the Sun God Amon-Ra St. Brown shined brighter than any player last year. St. Brown totaled 51 receptions in his final six games on a whopping 67 targets for 560 yards and five touchdowns.

Cooks has finished as a top-20 WR in points per game in six of his last seven seasons, and he accumulated over 1,000 yards and exactly six touchdowns in each of his two seasons with the Houston Texans. Last year, Cooks posted new career-highs in targets (134), catches (90), and receptions per game (5.6). He averaged nine targets and a 25.5% target share in his last four starts from Mills.

Actual value vs. perceived value is also something fantasy managers need to have the pulse on, as it cannot only tell you when to buy low but also when to sell high before the floor crashes out. Here are three players that could be worth selling before their value drops.

As a player, Diontae Johnson is a pleasure to watch. Playing in 16 games last season, he had a career year, reeling in 107 receptions for 1,161 yards and eight touchdowns, finishing with 16.7 PPR/game (ninth-best among receivers). His 169 targets were tied with Davante Adams for second behind only Cooper Kupp (191).

If his efficiency stays the same and he loses carries to Fields and up-and-comer Khalil Herbert, Mongtomery could fall from a solid mid-RB2 to a questionable RB3. Fantasy managers could move Montgomery for a consistent player in a higher-upside offense such as Dillon, or potentially a lesser-known quantity with higher upside like Travis Etienne Jr.

Week 13 of the fantasy football season continued to bring us more ups and downs and head-scratching moments. Savvy fantasy managers will be able to take advantage of these ebbs and flows to improve their teams. Here are a handful of players entering Week 14 of the fantasy football season that presents an optimal opportunity to buy low or sell high on.

Swift made up for that by punching it into the end zone and ending his day with a team-high 14 carries for 62 yards with the score while adding four receptions on six targets for 49 yards. His 21.1 PPR points has him sitting as a top-five RB on the week.

Actual value vs. perceived value is also something fantasy managers need to have their pulse on. It cannot only tell you when to buy low but also when to sell high before the floor crashes out. Here are three players that could be worth selling before their value drops.

Deebo Samuel came into Week 13 a game-time decision (quadriceps) but played the majority of the game, catching six of his team-high (tied) ten targets for 58 yards while adding five yards on four carries.

The volume is simply not there for London to become a must-start despite the elite metrics. They are as slow as molasses in a blizzard with their tempo with a bye in Week 14 followed by games against the Saints and Ravens. Sell London and a bottle of aspirin to someone else. He can be their headache for the remainder of 2022.

But in the three games where Garland has played 30+ minutes, those numbers have dropped to 29.3 points, 3.3 rebounds, 3.3 assists and 5.3 free throw attempts per game. If you need an assist boost, you might be able to trade him outright for Young.

Most importantly here, with any call you make, you have to be willing to lose the deal or accept that you made the wrong call. It happens all the time when we think we are selling at the highest value, only for that player to buck the trend and play like a stud going forward.

Despite the XFP numbers, Waddle ranks ahead of both Amon-Ra St. Brown and DeAndre Hopkins in the FantasyPros full-PPR ROS ranks as of 11/16/2022. Hopkins is currently averaging 21.8 XFP, and Amon-Ra is averaging 19.4 XFP when looking at only his healthy games. I would try to pivot to either of those receivers even if I had to give up a smaller piece to complete the trade.

When the Umbrella Corporation had its Initial Public Offering (IPO) a couple years ago, it seemed like a great investment opportunity. Here was a highly publicized, up-and-coming high tech company with a unique focus: combining video games and biotechnology. Sure enough, just like E-Bay and, the stock price soared. However, also just like E-Bay and, their plan for making money seems to be slightly flawed.

Last week saw mass carnage in the form of injuries around the league. Undoubtedly, there are a lot of frustrated fantasy football owners staring at 0-2 or 1-1 with depleted rosters and trying to figure out how to improve. Waiver wire pickups can only help you so much, so it might already be time to look at potential trades. If you have a surplus of good RBs and need a WR (or vice/versa), it's never too early to target the right buy-low, sell-high candidates and make something happen. Fortunately, Fantasy Pros' Mike Tagliere is here to help with his Week 3 Stock Watch that includes notable players like Leonard Fournette, Diontae Johnson, Stefon Diggs, and James Conner.

Even with just two games on the books, we're starting to see some obvious trends with certain players. When it's targets, touches, or injury concerns, the whole picture is important, not just the final statline. That's where you can really find value, as some owners will simply like at the yards and touchdowns and either give up too quickly on a high-quality player or covet a mediocre player who's simply had a hot start. Either way, you can take advantage if you're willing to be aggressive and take a few chances.

So what does it take to find club success and economic stability at the same time? It takes an exceptionally brilliant figure who understands players. Call them a technical director, scout, sporting director or something else, the following three men know how to spot talent. These men are the very best. Buy low, sell high.

Austin Ekeler (RB-LAC) - Ekeler has been disappointing, but his usage is the main reason, not any dropoff in his ability or the quality of his offense. The Chargers will need to highlight the short passing game while Justin Herbert is nursing a rib injury, which should keep his PPR floor high. The ceiling games will come after trying Sony Michel, and Joshua Kelley in the red zone has been a disaster. Ekeler was effective there last year, and the team should turn to him again by necessity.

Carson Wentz (QB-IND) - You might be able to wait on trading for Wentz until next week if you think he will have a poor showing against the Ravens edge rush featuring former Colt Justin Houston and breakout first rounder Odafe Oweh. After that, he will get the three other AFC South defenses and the Jets in four of the next five games. Wentz is also warming and developing better chemistry with his new targets and left tackle Eric Fisher should also round into form around the time stud guard Quenton Nelson and right tackle Braden Smith are healthy again.

Leonard Fournette (RB-TB) - How would we be talking about Fournette this week if he had scored the touchdown instead of Ronald Jones II? Teams are going to continue to dare Tom Brady to pass, and Fournette will get a lot of work against light boxes in high scoring games. Even with Giovani Bernard getting healthy, Fournette should be a bigger part of the offense than he was in September. 041b061a72


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