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Hey everyone,

I'm currently facing a credit dilemma and could use some guidance. I recently discovered a delinquent payment on my credit report from when I was 20, causing havoc on my score due to a $74 debt in collections. Strangely, it supposedly originated from a major urgent care chain, but upon contacting them, they couldn't find any record of my visit.

TransUnion and Experian were quick to accept my dispute and remove the collection, but Equifax seems to be a bit of a challenge. They sent me a detailed PDF claiming the debt is indeed mine, complete with my information, despite my efforts to verify with the urgent care chain.

Considering I'm a busy student with limited time, what's the best course of action here? Should I reach out to the collections agency or try contacting Equifax directly? I also stumbled upon a attorney firm offering free services, which seems intriguing, check them out

Any advice or insights would be greatly appreciated. Apologies if my credit vocabulary isn't the best—I'm new to navigating all of this. Thanks!


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