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Xversion 1.3.6 MacOS ((FREE))

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If you use underscores to specify your mod's version in the filename, ModuleManager will regrettably think that these are part of the filename, because I can't tell the difference between "MyMod_1_3_6" and "Mod_1337s_Cool_Stuff". On the other hand, if you use periods to specify your mod's version, then "MyMod.1.3.6" will correctly be identified as "MyMod".

- Added: #PB_HTTP_Headers to HTTPInfo() to get the headers - Added: #PB_HTTP_HeadersOnly to HTTPRequest() to only request the headers (GetHTTPHeaders() is now deprecated) - Added: Scintilla word chars selection as user preference in IDE (kenmo) - Added: Zoom keyboard shortcuts in IDE (kenmo) - Added: New editor shortcut functions in IDE (kenmo) - Added: Memview (idle) - Changed: PostEvent() now returns a result as it could fail in some extrem case - Changed: Sign() now returns an integer instead of a float. - Updated: OpenJPEG library to version 2.3.1 - Updated: PCRE library to version 8.44 - Updated: libpng to version 1.6.37 - Updated: libjpeg to version 9d - Updated: libtiff to version 4.1.0 - Updated: expat to version 2.2.9 - Updated: libflac to version 1.3.3 - Updated: libogg to version 1.3.4 - Updated: libvorbis to version 1.3.6 - Updated: sqlite to version 3.31.1 - Updated: curl to version 7.68.0 - Fixed: 'Find Previous' freezing in IDE (kenmo) - Fixed: Gadgets Drag'n'Drop Position in FormDesigner (ChrisR) - Fixed: Re-enable buttons bug in window 'Find in Files' in IDE (Sicro) - Fixed: Display errors in window '#WINDOW_Form_Parent' of the FormDesigner (Sicro) - Fixed: Many documentation issues (Andre and Mesa) - Fixed: Some compiler and libraries related bugs 1e1e36bf2d


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