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Smith And Wesson 6906 Serial Number Lookup

Smith And Wesson 6906 Serial Number Lookup -

The Smith & Wesson 6906 was a basic 9mm compact automatic pistol. This is a simple pistol with a slide that holds the chamber closed, a single throw sear, a hammer, a trigger, and not much else. This is a simple but effective design that does not require too much training to master.

It was the Smith & Wesson 6906 that was used by President Roosevelt in his reelection campaign of 1940. An assassination attempt on Roosevelt in March of 1941 was foiled because this gun was not available for the attempt. But Smith & Wesson did make two extra 9mm compact pistols and this is the one that was used by the Secret Service. This pistol has been used by presidents of both parties, including Lyndon B. Johnson and Ronald Reagan.

The first two digits of Smith & Wesson 6906 serial numbers begin with a letter that describes the product. The letter should be the same in every instance. This letter tells you whether its a first gen, third gen, 4th gen, or anything else. The fist three numbers are the caliber.

While some of the serial numbers for this gun can be found on the side of the barrel, the serial numbers for this gun are usually engraved on the slide. The serial number should start on the first of the second, third, fourth, or fifth hole and end on the first of the last two holes. Look for an A.A. Serial Number, Engraved Serial Number, Distributed Serial Number, Integrated Serial Number, or some form of similar term.

The 3-digit number next to the letter represents the year the pistol was produced. If the first digit of the year is a 2, the pistol was produced the second year after the company was formed. If the first digit is a 1, the pistol was produced the first year. 3d9ccd7d82


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