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Most Accurate Scale To Buy

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Most Accurate Scale To Buy

A great range of bathroom scales is available, from the no-frills scales that just show you your weight to ones that seem to want to measure everything possible. And, as we learned from stepping on scales hundreds of times in the past couple of months, not all scales feel the same when you weigh yourself.

After accuracy and precision, we looked at usability elements like maximum weight limits, platform size, display size, and what it was like to actually use the scale. Readability of the LED display is also important: A backlit display makes it much easier to read, as does a display time of more than 5 seconds.

In one room, we set up all the scales according to their manuals and calibrated them as instructed. Then over the course of a few weeks, we weighed ourselves a ridiculous number of times in a row, using books and dumbbells to add and subtract a few ounces of weight to see whether the scales could pick up on the differences.

What we learned is that some scales offer a seemingly manufactured sense of precision and accuracy: They may calculate your weight based on the memory of your previous readings rather than actually weighing you each time.

The Etekcity EB9380H performed nearly flawlessly, providing dozens of accurate and precise weights over the course of multiple weeks. It was the second-most accurate of the 11 scales we tested (bested ever so slightly by our also-great pick, the Tanita HD-351). The EB9380H not only instantaneously recognizes when you step on the scale with the addition or subtraction of a couple of ounces, but it also, out of dozens of measurements, gave the exact expected measurements every single time (except for one instance, which was still within our 0.2-pound margin of error). Whenever we weighed ourselves in succession, the readings were always the same.

The Etekcity, like all bathroom scales, requires frequent calibration to remain useful, but some owners say that after a while, to get an accurate reading, they had to pop the batteries out and back in, and even then the scale sometimes still stopped working well.

We found the Taylor Electronic Glass Talking Bathroom Scale to be generally accurate and precise. If you need a scale that speaks your weight out loud and are okay with a few errant measurements, this is an adequate choice.

The BalanceFrom High Accuracy Premium Digital Bathroom Scale will remind you of your last weight measurement (mercifully, it shows you the last weight in green backlighting, rather than red for bad or green for good). However, it detected only changes of at least 0.6 pound and was inaccurate sometimes by 0.3 pound.

If possible, scales should be placed on a tile or other hard surface. We found that carpeted surfaces led to greater inconsistencies in the weight readings. Because of this, the carpet reading we took was not used to calculate standard deviation to determine reading consistency.

We calculated the standard deviation of each scale by using the tile surface and dumbbell readings when compared to the baseline weight taken by the medical-grade scale. We did not take into account the scale reading on the carpeted surface, as the readings varied greatly during that test. We decided that including that data would not give us an accurate standard deviation. Sheikh advised that devices with standard deviation readings of less than one are considered consistent. Any devices with a standard deviation higher than one did not make our list.

Connect your Fitbit tracker to your scales with this simple smart offering. The weight readings were notably accurate and appeared in the connected app after just 5 seconds. They showed up on the display screen quickly, too.

Cutting back on waste by forgoing batteries, these digital scales are powered by a button you push with your feet. They gave us an accurate weight reading and the large platform should comfortably accommodate feet up to a size 12.

Readings were accurate but only weight appea


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