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The Scout Lore skill will allow you to see things players can't normally see. When it goes off a page, the player's color will turn red, and he will say, "In the world of the Scout Lore, add a new insight to what I can see. Doing so will cost 50 game points."

If your partner is on a mission that the game will normally prevent you from seeing, you can still see her using the Scout Lore skill. You will see one area where she is, about six inches in front of you. The area will go away after a few seconds, and you will simply see a spotlight when she enters the area.

*Note: If you have the Hindi language expansion, it will add an additional option to the conversation. Instead of simply having the question "What are you doing right now?", you will also be able to ask the question "What is your current profession."

*Note: The chat may also offer another chance during the conversation besides the pre-existing options. For example, after a period of time, during which all players may chat, you will be presented with a list of other players who are online. If you are chosen to initiate a chat, you have a time limit to do so. If you do not initiate a chat immediately, you will be removed from the list of users capable of initiating chats.

Still just use the new machine - you'll have to run the 'profile profile' program on the host to specify the plugins. You may also have to use the 'noprofile.exe' program to specify that you don't want the hosting program to be assigned-to (so it won't be paused when you plug in the portable version.). Just right-click on the program, choose 'Properties', chose 'Compatibility' and chose 'Run this program as an administrator'.

Then I wrote the 'IsoBuster Post-F5 Scanner/Updater for Windows' which will try to patch up the images it determines were corrupted in the previous version - it's available generally, and as a choice for any of the previous, now 'IsoBuster Pro' versions.

You install the OS on a pen-drive, then just unplug the drive and use the compact version. You can decide the location of your DLLs when you install it. My portable IsoBuster isn't called 'prof-fs.exe', just 'prof.exe' by default. d2c66b5586


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