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How To Download And Install Red Giant Trapcode Suite 15.1.8 (x64) Keys For Free

How to Download and Install Red Giant Trapcode Suite 15.1.8 (x64) Keys for Free

Red Giant Trapcode Suite is a collection of plugins for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro that can create stunning visual effects and motion graphics. Whether you want to create fire, water, smoke, snow, or other organic effects, or design futuristic user interfaces and 3D animations, Trapcode Suite has the tools you need.

How to Download and Install Red Giant Trapcode Suite 15.1.8 (x64) Keys for Free

In this article, we will show you how to download and install Red Giant Trapcode Suite 15.1.8 (x64) Keys for free, so you can enjoy the full features of this amazing software without paying a dime.

What is Red Giant Trapcode Suite?

Red Giant Trapcode Suite is a set of 10 plugins that can create 3D particle systems, fluid simulations, 3D objects and surfaces, lights and glows, sound and motion effects, and more. The plugins are:

  • Particular: The most powerful and versatile particle system plugin for After Effects. Create realistic fire, water, smoke, snow, and other organic effects with physics and behaviors.

  • Form: A plugin that creates immortal particle grids and 3D forms. Use shapes, sprites, or OBJ models as particles and animate them with various presets and controls.

  • Mir: A plugin that creates flowing surfaces, terrains, tunnels, and abstract shapes. Use paths and motion to generate complex geometric shapes and ribbons.

  • 3D Stroke: A plugin that creates organic 3D shapes and lines from masks and paths. Use presets and custom brushes to add motion and style to your strokes.

  • Shine: A plugin that creates volumetric light rays and glows. Use masks and paths to add realistic or stylized light effects to your scenes.

  • StarGlow: A plugin that creates glimmering light effects based on the brightness of your source layer. Use it to add starry sparkles to your highlights.

  • Sound Keys: A plugin that uses audio to generate keyframes that drive animation and effects. Sync your motion graphics to music or sound effects with ease.

  • Lux: A plugin that simulates the effect of light sources in a 3D space. Use it to add realistic or atmospheric lighting to your scenes.

  • Tao: A plugin that creates 3D geometries along a path. Use it to create complex animations of tubes, ribbons, wires, and more.

  • Echospace: A plugin that creates multiple instances of a layer and offsets them in 3D space. Use it to create trails, grids, clones, and more.

With a subscription to Red Giant, you can also import Cinema 4D files as particles or 3D models in Particular, Form, and Mir[^1^]. This gives you more options for creating stunning 3D effects in After Effects.

How to Download Red Giant Trapcode Suite 15.1.8 (x64) Keys for Free?

If you want to download Red Giant Trapcode Suite 15.1.8 (x64) Keys for free, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to this link:

  • Click on the "Download" button at the bottom of the page.

  • Wait for the download to finish. You will get a ZIP file containing the setup files and the keys for each plugin.

  • Extract the ZIP file using WinRAR or any other software that can handle ZIP files.

  • Run the setup files for each plugin and follow the instructions on the screen.

  • When prompted for a serial number, use the keys provided in the ZIP file.



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