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Big Brother: A Review of the 2018 Hong Kong Action Comedy Movie

Big Brother: A Review of the 2018 Hong Kong Action Comedy Movie

Big Brother is a 2018 Hong Kong action comedy movie starring Donnie Yen as Henry Chen, a former soldier who becomes a high school teacher and tries to help his troubled students. The movie is directed by Kam Ka-wai and produced by Wong Jing. It was released in China on August 16, 2018 and in other countries later.

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The movie follows Henry Chen as he arrives at Tak Chi Secondary School, a low-performing school with many problems such as bullying, drug abuse, gang violence and corruption. He is assigned to teach a class of misfits who have no interest in learning. He soon discovers that each of his students has a personal issue that hinders their academic performance and well-being. He decides to use unconventional methods to motivate them and help them overcome their difficulties. He also faces opposition from the school principal, who wants to close down the school and sell the land for profit.

Big Brother is a movie that combines action, comedy and drama. It showcases Donnie Yen's martial arts skills as well as his comedic and emotional range. The movie also delivers a positive message about the importance of education, friendship and social responsibility. The movie has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some praised the movie for its entertaining and inspiring story, while others criticized it for its clichÃd plot, unrealistic scenarios and excessive patriotism.

If you are a fan of Donnie Yen or Hong Kong action movies, you might enjoy Big Brother. You can watch it online with English subtitles on Bilibili[^1^], Nova Furnishing[^2^] or Dashiofficial[^3^]. However, be aware that some of the subtitles might be inaccurate or change languages halfway through the movie.The movie also features a star-studded cast of Hong Kong and Chinese actors, as well as some international faces. The female lead is played by Joe Chen, a popular Taiwanese actress who is known for her roles in romantic comedies. She plays Miss Liang, a new English teacher who develops a romantic interest in Henry Chen. The students are played by a mix of newcomers and veterans, such as Ming-Kit Lok as Jack Li, a rebellious student who has a talent for boxing; Chris Kwan-Yiu Tong as Chris Guan, a smart student who suffers from domestic abuse; Gladys Li as Gladys Wang, a rich and spoiled student who has a crush on Henry Chen; and Chiu-Kin Lau as Gordon Xiang, a timid student who is bullied by his classmates. The movie also features Arbaaz Khan, an Indian actor and producer who is the brother of Salman Khan. He plays Vedandam IPS, an Indian police officer who has a history with Henry Chen.

The movie has several action scenes that showcase Donnie Yen's skills in various martial arts styles. He fights against gangsters, corrupt officials and even an MMA champion. The movie also has some humorous moments that lighten up the mood, such as Henry Chen's interactions with his students and colleagues, his attempts to teach them life lessons through unconventional means, and his involvement in a medieval role-playing game. The movie also has some emotional scenes that touch on the themes of family, friendship and loyalty. Henry Chen tries to bond with his students and help them overcome their personal problems. He also faces his own past and tries to reconcile with his estranged brother. e0e6b7cb5c


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