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Broken Angel Hd 720p Official Video


Broken Angel Hd 720p Official Video

Broken Angel HD 720p Official Video: A Review

Broken Angel is a song by Iranian-Swedish singer Arash, featuring Helena, a Swedish singer and songwriter. The song was released in 2010 as part of Arash's album Broken Angel. The official music video for the song has over 76 million views on YouTube and is available in full HD 720p quality.

The video tells the story of a couple who are separated by the authorities after a car accident. Arash is taken to prison while Helena is hospitalized. They both long for each other and try to escape their fate. The video shows their struggle and their reunion at the end.

The song is a mix of Persian and English lyrics, with Arash singing in Persian and Helena singing in English. The song has a catchy melody and a romantic vibe. The video is well-produced and has a cinematic feel. The video also features some beautiful scenery of Azerbaijan, where it was filmed.

Broken Angel HD 720p Official Video is a must-watch for fans of Arash and Helena, as well as for anyone who enjoys a good love story. The video showcases their talent and chemistry, as well as their cultural diversity. The video is available on YouTube and can be streamed or downloaded in high definition.

The song Broken Angel has been very popular in many countries, especially in Eastern Europe and Asia. The song has reached the top 10 of the charts in Greece, Russia, Ukraine, and other countries. The song has also been certified 5Ã Platinum in Russia by the National Federation of Phonogram Producers (NFPF) [^2^].

The song Broken Angel has been praised for its catchy tune and its emotional lyrics. The song is about a broken-hearted lover who is longing for his partner. The song expresses the pain and the hope of the lovers who are separated by fate. The song also showcases the cultural diversity of Arash and Helena, who sing in Persian and English respectively.

The song Broken Angel has also inspired many remixes and covers by different artists. Some of the notable remixes include the Payami Dub Version, the Dark Heaven Radio Mix, and the Ali Payami Remix. Some of the notable covers include the ones by DJ Aligator, DJ Antoine, and DJ Smash. The song has also been used in some movies and TV shows, such as The Dictator and The Voice of Romania.

The song Broken Angel has also received some criticism and controversy. Some people have accused the song of being plagiarized from a Turkish song called "Seni Severdim" by YÄldÄz Usmonova and YaÅar. The song has also been banned in some countries, such as Iran and Saudi Arabia, for its lyrics and video content. The song has also been criticized for its poor English grammar and pronunciation.

The song Broken Angel has also inspired many fans and admirers of Arash and Helena. The song has been used as a ringtone, a wedding song, and a dedication song by many people. The song has also been translated into many languages, such as Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Turkish, and Russian. The song has also been covered by many singers and musicians from different countries and genres.

The song Broken Angel is a testament to the power and popularity of Arash and Helena, who have been collaborating since 2008. The song is one of their most successful and well-known songs, as well as one of their most personal and emotional songs. The song is a tribute to their love and friendship, as well as their fans and supporters. a474f39169


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