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Wesley Moore
Wesley Moore

|BEST| Download Trainer General Zero Hour 1.4

this trainer is made for the general's challenge and can be used for both playing the game and beating it. this trainer can be a challenge to make and master. the trainer comes in two versions, the first you can download from this link and the second is the trainer that is supplied with the game, which you will need to download the trainer from the game.

download trainer general zero hour 1.4

the generator: this is the file that i wrote for this trainer, the file size is 6.6mb. i split it into five parts, one for each faction. if you are having problems downloading the trainer and end up having to download each part individually, try downloading the trainer first. if you do this the trainer will download all five parts at once to save you time.

eskadron: the home of the grey knights. this faction has the second largest army in the game, and has a significant advantage over the other factions in the early game, and is the only faction that can deploy mecha, which are generally more powerful than vehicles. however, their mecha are only available in the game after the maelstrom point's are used, which prevents them from being used in the early game. they are the only faction with a unique hero unit - the daemon prince, who is a spawn of the world eaters daemon prince that comes with the kaer maga starter set. in addition, the faction can deploy a battalion of special troopers, known as the deathwatch, which is the grey knights' elite commando unit. the faction also has a few unique units, including the armageddon sorcerer, who can generate plague and are among the few units who can generate plague and still survive it. in addition, the faction has a unique hero unit - the emperor's champion, who is an upgraded version of the emperor's champion in the previous game, the emperor's champion the champion has an extra armor and a gunner, and can generate an extra clone, and can also spawn a second champion, which is similar to the emperor's champion but is less powerful. in addition, the faction has the siege engine, which allows the faction to deploy their mecha to any location on the field, and is the faction's main early game mecha.


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