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the delphi survey was conducted using an electronic survey platform (surveymonkey inc., palo alto, ca, usa). participants completed the surveys in a non-sequential order. all panellists were provided with the same survey with identical instructions, but the order of the items was randomised for each panellist. panellists were asked to review the previous item after they had completed each item. this technique was designed to encourage a comprehensive review of the items. we made no assumptions regarding the order in which participants would complete the survey.

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although yoga education is undertaken within a variety of contexts, in the majority of yoga classes and trainings, the sessions are led by a certified yoga instructor. the majority of participants in the delphi survey reported that they have received some yoga education in the past, and more than half of the panellists reported having received training in yoga in the previous 5 years. these data are in line with previous studies, suggesting that yoga education is a widespread practice across the globe [ 74 ].

the delphi survey was restricted to yoga instructors and yoga teachers with a focus on musculoskeletal health in order to represent the range of expert opinion in this area. the highest level of education was not specified, which may have resulted in a heterogeneous response. additionally, most of the yoga instructors and yoga teachers who participated in the delphi survey reported that their primary focus was in the prevention and management of musculoskeletal health, with less than 20% of panellists reporting a focus on the treatment of injury. this may limit the generalisability of the results. however, despite this, the delphi panellists demonstrated a high level of consensus regarding the development of the recommendation, with 96.8% of panellists agreeing on the recommendations. this is comparable to the level of consensus achieved in other delphi processes [ 75 ].


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