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Christopher Jackson
Christopher Jackson

Windows 7 64 Bit Ie9 12

The file must be extracted into the same folder where the first file was extracted. Right click, select the Extract All... option and specify the same location where the first file was extracted. In this OBE, we extract the files to the F:\windows_db_12c\winx64_12c_database_1of2 folder. Click Extract.

windows 7 64 bit ie9 12

Open the install-kb.ps1 file with a text editor and add the following information:Click to view...Note:This script downloads and installs the KB3140245 Windows update. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 910111213141516Import-Module BitsTransfer$arch=(Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_operatingsystem).OsarchitectureIf ($arch -eq "32-bit") $kbUrl32 = " -kb3140245-x86_cdafb409afbe28db07e2254f40047774a0654f18.msu" $kb32 = "windows6.1-kb3140245-x86_cdafb409afbe28db07e2254f40047774a0654f18.msu" Start-BitsTransfer -source $kbUrl32 wusa $kb32 /log:install.logElse $kbUrl64 = " -kb3140245-x64_5b067ffb69a94a6e5f9da89ce88c658e52a0dec0.msu" $kb64 = "windows6.1-kb3140245-x64_5b067ffb69a94a6e5f9da89ce88c658e52a0dec0.msu" Start-BitsTransfer -source $kbUrl64 wusa $kb64 /log:install.log

The performance for accesses to shared folders from a Windows guest might be decreased due to delays during the resolution of the Oracle VM VirtualBox shared folders name service. To fix these delays, add the following entries to the file \windows\system32\drivers\etc\lmhosts of the Windows guest:


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