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Viking BE 600: A User Manual for Your Electric Leaf Blower

If you are looking for a powerful and reliable electric leaf blower that can help you keep your garden tidy and free of leaves and debris, you might want to consider the Viking BE 600. This leaf blower is designed to be easy to use, lightweight and versatile. It can also function as a garden vacuum and mulcher, with a 10:1 reduction ratio that can save you space and time when disposing of the collected material. In this article, we will provide you with a user manual for your Viking BE 600 leaf blower, covering its features, specifications, safety precautions, operation instructions and maintenance tips.



Features of the Viking BE 600 Leaf Blower

The Viking BE 600 leaf blower has the following features that make it a great choice for your garden needs:

  • It has a powerful 1400 W motor that can deliver a maximum air speed of 260 km/h and a maximum air volume of 13 m3/min.

  • It has a variable speed control that allows you to adjust the air flow according to the task at hand.

  • It has a switchable suction function that lets you easily convert the leaf blower into a garden vacuum and mulcher.

  • It has a large 45 L collection bag that can hold up to 450 L of leaves and debris after mulching.

  • It has a metal impeller that can shred the collected material into fine pieces, reducing its volume by 90%.

  • It has an ergonomic handle with a soft grip that ensures comfortable and secure handling.

  • It has a shoulder strap that helps you balance the weight of the device and reduce fatigue.

  • It has a flat nozzle that can reach narrow spaces and corners.

  • It has a cable strain relief that prevents damage to the power cord.

Specifications of the Viking BE 600 Leaf Blower

The Viking BE 600 leaf blower has the following specifications:


Power sourceElectric

Voltage240 V

Power rating1400 W

Air speed260 km/h (max)

Air volume13 m3/min (max)

Suction power600 W (max)

Mulching ratio10:1

Collection bag capacity45 L

Noise level96 dB(A)

Vibration level2.5 m/s2

Weight (without accessories)3.8 kg

Cable length10 m

Dimensions (L x W x H)900 x 230 x 330 mm

Safety Precautions for Using the Viking BE 600 Leaf Blower

To ensure your safety and prevent damage to the device, please follow these safety precautions when using the Viking BE 600 leaf blower:

  • Read and understand the user manual before operating the device.

  • Wear appropriate protective clothing and equipment, such as gloves, goggles, ear plugs and sturdy shoes.

  • Avoid loose clothing, jewelry and long hair that could get caught in the device.

  • Keep children, pets and bystanders away from the working area.

  • Do not use the device in wet or damp conditions or near flammable materials.

  • Do not use the device near power lines or other electrical sources.

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