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Rot In A Porcelain Dream

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It is time to dream a little about the things you have been telling yourself in your head. What dreams are you telling yourself? Consider a dream to tell the world you are thinking about broken things, and who you are trying to become. Then, before you go to sleep, meditate on your dreams and see if this dream helps you uncover the things you really need to see.

Finally, if something is broken and discarded and you are dreaming about broken things, it may mean your subconscious mind is dealing with something in your life that is broken, and that you are trying to let go. This dream may indicate you have “chosen to live” in a broken state. You may not want to engage in the dream of broken things, but you may be struggling to let it go. Consider this dream when you feel broken, and also when you feel a sense of peace and letting go.

If you are familiar with the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” you may have encountered the symbol of breaking mirrors. The woman in the movie is reflecting on her broken relationship, and uses the broken mirror to look at herself. It is an interesting symbol, since it shows us our reflection appears to be broken, yet we continue to look at our reflection to try to figure out what is wrong, and what we need to fix. Consider this dream if you are looking into the mirror, and see your reflection broken, and look past the broken reflection to discover what the broken image can teach you.

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