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The Shift At Fazbear's Fright

The player attempts to leave the building at 6 AM as this is the end of their shift, and this was previously advised by Michael. As the player turns their back on the office, Fredbear enters and attacks them, presumably killing them.

The Shift at Fazbear's Fright

Hudson works both the day and night shift at Fazbear's Fright. He is intensely terrified of the entire building. Fake blood, cobwebs, and rats are scattered around to give a creepy atmosphere, but Hudson's real fear is the animatronics. Animatronic parts from past Freddy's locations are brought into the building for authenticity. Hudson always felt that they were watching him and never gets close to them out of fear. He meets a girl named Faith at the place, who admits to liking Hudson, however after their first date she breaks up with him after being told about the fire. He visits his grandmother Granny Foster for advice, and she tells him to leave his job. When he refuses, she responds with the simple phrase, "Your path is your own."

Hudson eventually wakes up and discovers all the animatronic mouths gone. Something grabs him and throws him to the floor, breaking his wrist. He hears the voice of Lewis mocking him for peeing his pants. Hudson snaps back, and he sees his knife a few feet away from him. Three arms, one holding his nightstick, another holding his hammer, and an unmoving Foxy arm in the middle, attack Hudson, but he ignores them and tries to get up. He is able to get into a sitting position, but then Foxy's hook finally moves and cuts his back. He looks at his watch and discovers that his shift ends in four hours. Not willing to take this torture for four more hours, Hudson attempts to escape to the exit.

Based on the constant visions the guard sees of the phantom animatronics, it is possible that they may frequently be panicked and/or paranoid to the point of having hallucinations. Additionally, their deep, panicked breaths heard after being jumpscared by the phantoms indicate that they also show fear and anxiety during their shift, similar to Jeremy and Fritz.

Hey hey dude! How are ya? Thanks again for taking the night shift. I know that place can get pretty spooky. Oh, by the way we finally figured out a name for our little monster, we are calling him: Springtrap! Pretty cool right? It took like, two seconds to make the name, but it's fitting don't you think? Anyway, about what you said in your last email, thanks for letting us know, if you can, could you get some footage of him walking around? We were thinking we could set up some screens around the attraction and fool people into thinking that Springtrap is coming towards them, to raise the spook Factor y'know? Anyway, you have nothing to be worried about! You and I are the only ones with keys to the place, so there is no way he is getting out. We are still setting the place up, so there are a lot of loose wires hanging around, and Springtrap is quite broken looking himself, so could you make sure he doesn't go damaging any of the equipment? It's like I told you the other day, fire is a real concern here, so we gotta be careful. If you don't have any idea how to stop our little monster, one of the tech guys said that those animatronics would go to the room with the most noise, so if he goes wandering into somewhere he shouldn't be, just use the audio system to lure him somewhere else. Thanks!

Mike is usually only at the office, as he is not allowed to leave his position. However, if aggravated, Mike will march over to where ever the bad thing is, and strangle it until it stops, due to his anger issues from the aforementioned frontal lobe damage. Whenever his shift ends, you can usually find him at his house or at the Kitchen, eating pizza.

Jeremy Fitzgerald is the primary protagonist in Five Nights at Freddy's 2. He is the security guard employed by Freddy Fazbear's Pizza who worked the Midnight to 6 AM shifts from Sunday, November 8th, 1987 to Friday, November 13th, 1987 before being moved to the day shift. The game is played in his first-person perspective. Overall, he is very similar to Mike Schmidt, the comparably silent protagonist from the first game.

Upon being hired, Jeremy is informed by Phone Guy of the details of his new occupation, also learning that the guard before him was moved to the day shift due to the animatronics trying to get into The Office.

Jeremy eventually completes Night 1, but despite the low pay and clear danger, he continues his job for the remainder of the week. As the nights pass, Jeremy learns that someone tampered with the animatronics, eventually leading to the restaurant's closing, and that he may be moved to the day shift as the "position just became...available" while the company tries to find someone to cover the night shift.

After the end of Night 5, Jeremy receives a check for $100.50. During Night 6, Phone Guy tells Jeremy that the next day he will work the day shift and is to closely monitor the animatronics during a birthday party. Upon completing the night, Jeremy receives a check for $20.10 for overtime, as well as a newsletter that says the restaurant is closing. In the Custom Night, Jeremy is replaced by Fritz Smith for his only night.

After Jeremy completes Night 6, he is presumably moved over to day shift. A character by the name of Fritz Smith takes over for the Custom Night, but is immediately fired the following day for tampering with the animatronics.

In Chapter 1, he was tasked to take artifacts from the Jolly Factory back to Fazbear's Fright, accompanied with his friend Theo via phone, but he's unsuccessful with the mission; finding a book, some drawings and cassette tapes. After his fifth shift in the factory, Theo finds an elevator that goes down to the Jolly Entertainment Underground Facility, which leads to Chapter 2.

Michael first appears under the name "Mike Schmidt" and becomes the night guard of the third Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Mike worked from the 7th to the 14th of November 1993, and found himself fending off the animatronics, who were hostile towards him. On the first night of the job, Mike listened to the recordings made by his predecessor, giving him advice on the night shift, and was given the excuse that the animatronics were only attacking because they saw humans as endoskeletons without costumes. While on shift, Mike suffered hallucinations, caused by all the paranormal activity going on around him. On Night 4, he heard Phone Guy die, and on Night 5, only heard a disturbing message. After Night 6, he was called "Employee of the month", due to his dedication, and praised for overtime. On Night 7, however, Mike tampered with the AI of the animatronics, and was subsequently fired. As well as this, other reasons were cited such as supposed unprofessionalism, and odor.

On Tuesday, as Michael worked on the Pizzeria, Freddy would enter the vents and began stalking Michael during his managerial shift, so that it could kill him to get to the children in the Pizzeria. Michael managed to keep him distracted with an audio system, and that evening found himself salvaging his own father, now in the form of Scraptrap. Over the next few days, Michael had to also deal with the more mundane strugges of running a Pizzeria, such as having enough money to buy high enough quality and safe attractions and animatronics, and deal with any potential lawsuits. Afterwards on Wednesday, Michael was hunted by both Scraptrap and Molten Freddy, both of which mocked him, but he was able use the audio lure, and his flashlight to fend them off. That evening, he salvaged his sister, who had become Scrap Baby, who joined their father and Freddy in the vents. On Thursday, however, Michael salvaged the mysterious Lefty, who was already buyable. Unlike the others, Lefty was silent, and Michael found himself dealing with all four, as well as his barely functional office on Friday.

On Saturday, after a hard shift of dealing with the Scrap animatronics, Mike's boss revealed that the Pizzeria was a trap for all the remaining animatronics, with Mike having kept them distracted by luring them around the labyrinthine vents in circles. Henry praised Michael as his "brave volunteer", telling him that, while he was planning a way out, he knew Michael wanted to stay behind. Assuring Micheal he would not be alone in death, Henry then burnt the Pizzeria to free the souls. As he decided to stay inside, Michael finally died in the fire alongside his family.

This is a fanfiction based on the fazbear frights books, some elements and characters of the original books will be present but as the story progress the plot will change. The story picks up right from the 8th fazbear frights book (Gumdrop Angel) all the books from 1 to 8 are cannon to this alternative story. It follows the same structure that the normal books (three stories and 1 Epiloge)

Sister Location, though, mixes things up a lot. Each night does different things for your shift. Night 2, for instance, needs you to hold a door shut as a Bidybab tries to pull it open, then play a sound-based game of Red Light Green Light with Ballora, and then you have to worry about Funtime Freddy, who is right beside you while balancing restarting systems (which pisses him off), and playing a sound file (which calms him down).

Night 1: "Uh...Hello? Hello, hello? Testing test...okay I think it's recording. Ahem, hi and welcome to your extra job - our night guard! Sorry for bumping ya up to the night shift, we'll get a proper night guard once our funds start settling in, we've just opened and all... oh, I almost forgot, some legal bullshit. Oh, and don't curse on the job. Ahem...welcome to Freddy's Funhouse! The all new kid-friendly re-opening of all your Fazbear Friends, new and old! Please do not hold Fazbear Entertainment responsible for any damages done, harm inflicted, or potential deaths. If you od happen to come across alife-threatining situation, please contact our staff...blah blah...

We also got some...Yellow Freddy Head, we found the remains in the old place, they even let us keep it. The animatronics are...scared of it, so if they go into your office, try and put it on quick enough. Aaaand....looks like thats it! I've taken up enough of your time, your shift will end at exactly 6 AM, see ya then." 041b061a72


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