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Road Bike Best Tyres For Cbr EXCLUSIVE

  • Review Your Tyres >>Tyre ReviewedDry GripWet GripFeedbackHandlingWearComfortDunlop Roadsmart (13)88%85%83%85%82%88%Dunlop Sportmax Qualifier D209 (11)90%76%92%84%68%95%Michelin Pilot Road (4)80%78%75%80%95%90%Honda CBR600 FS Tyre Review HighlightsWriting about the Michelin Pilot Road given 56% (160-60-17-W)Driving on mostly country roads for 1000 spirited milesThey came on a CBR600F3 I bought to play around with, they were nearly new but I threw the front away as my experience with Road 2 had been so bad.I thought I'd run the rear for a bit as the Road 2 wasn't all bad and I only went out in warm weather.About a 1000 miles later I had got comfortable on it and forgot they are not a sports tire. Coming out of a tight corner I was nearly launched over the handlebars, a first I think for a dry ride on a 600 exiting on smooth tarmac.The tire was gone and replaced with a Pirelli Diablo I had kicking about, never had anymore sudden losses of traction.I did quite a few wheelies on the Pilot Road as well as one or two rolling burnouts which didn't seem to touch it so would work as a stunt tire. Otherwise take it easy, generally like the Macadams these tires are a liability, I'd think twice about running them on a 125.tyre reviewed on 2016-06-16 01:44:43Writing about the Dunlop Sportmax Qualifier D209 given 93% (120-60-17-)Driving on mostly country roads for 0 spirited milesNot much to say really and its always hard picking a tyre that works with a motorbike as my SV hated Dunlops but the CBR loves them. Feedback in the dry and wet in cool/ cold temps is very good (maybe too much for some) but I find when riding in slick conditions like we are at the moment with all mud and leaves on the road the slight twitch you get from the rear or front lets you know its getting close to the sliding point so you can wind it in before getting hurt. In the dry and warm/ hot these tyres are spectacular they just grip, I'm more of an old school rider (29 yrs old ha) but I've learn't to lean the bike rather than hanging off it and the only time I have come close to losing it was when leaning a little to much and nearly rolled off the shoulder but the feedback saved me as the rear gave a little slip. I will say though these tyres when at the steeper leaning angles give the sensation of a slide but its firmly planted so don't worry. Wear is the only niggle I have, the back has lasted about 1600 miles and has about another 400ish left in them but I will probably change it in about 200 as its approaching winter. The front has had the same number and has about another 1000 left in it but the shoulders are getting a little steeped so might have to change before then. Comfort is fine, and on the CBR600 F3 (1998) that these are on I run the rear at 38psi (42psi is book pressure) and the front at 36 in the summer and 34 in the winter but those are my personal choices as I find they offer me the best riding experince. tyre reviewed on 2014-10-23 09:56:38Writing about the Dunlop Roadsmart given 99% (225-45-17-)Driving on a combination of roads for 10 spirited milesRoadsmarts are Dunlops 1st bash at a premium sports touring tyre.I bought a 1995 CBR600F with some BT-020 thrown on them, hated them with a passion.Constantly slipping out on the rear in the wet, gave me no confidence at all.I put a pair of Roadsmarts on and was totally amazed. I actually started to love riding the bike, rather than liking it if that makes any sense.Would definatley get these again, and im gonna put them on my ZXR400 which have conti road attacks on there that i also hate. Not my choice though, they came with the bike.In short.... Roadsmarts are the best out there right now.tyre reviewed on 2011-05-26 01:58:44Drive this car? Why not add your own tyre review and help other owners pick the right tyreBest Tyre Tests Best Winter Tyres

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Road Bike Best Tyres For Cbr

Honda's previous 600-class sport bike, the CBR600F4i, was considered a balance of practicality and performance, as capable as other Supersport-racing 600s, but a more docile and comfortable street bike relative to the competing Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R, Suzuki GSX-R600, and Yamaha YZF-R6.[1][2] When introduced in 1999, the CBR600F "fought off racier contenders on the track while still managing to be a more practical streetbike", as described by Motorcyclist, "one golf club that acts like a whole bag."[3] With the successor 2003 CBR600RR, Honda shifted to a more aggressive, less compromising strategy in the "churning dogfight that was the middleweight class at the time",[1][4] Honda's CBR-RR Project Leader Hiroyuki Ito said, "We developed the RR in a completely different way from any model in the past. In the past Honda has always developed a roadbike, then modified it for racing. But with the RR, we first built a prototype racer, then gave it to the production department."[5][6] Rotating an aging model down to the next tier of a product line as it is overshadowed by a model with the latest technology is common practice among sport bike manufacturers including Buell, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph, and Yamaha.[7]

The Synapse sits firmly in the endurance road bike category, but Cannondale says it differs from its other road bikes thanks to its ride characteristics, which are focused more around rider comfort than flat-out speed.

The Continentals are known to be some of the best performing tyres on the market and I think they balance grip and speed very well. Because the Cannondale is such a fun bike to throw around a corner, these tyres are a great match for it.

During winter, I was using the Hunt Superdura Dynamo Disc wheel to power an Exposure Revo front light and Redeye rear light. I used this setup for the 2,000km Transatlantic Way ride I attempted in 2019. I was absolutely converted to the dynamo. Having guaranteed lighting not only increases safety on the road but also means I have a bike that will always be ready for a ride no matter what the conditions outside.

The tyres aren't bad but we Know what this bike can be like on the best tyres (soft compound Metzelers) and the difference is worth having. The only real fault with the bike is the combination of rear shock and the tyre; it is too hard and choppy for road use and doesn't keep the wheel hard against the ground when cornering fast. The wheel starts to chatter and spin just when you want it to dig in and drive.

Of course, however you look at performance, the GSX is well down. But on the motorways, through town, on the mountain roads and even at the twisty race track, nobody ever got left behind on it. At the track it wasn't even last. The only places it got seriously blown off were in the test house and along Bruntingthorpe's straight. Quality still shows up in odd places, for instance, Suzuki's suspension doesn't keep the wheels evenly pressed against the ground and limits its cornering ability. Yet it wasn't much worse than the Yamaha and, on similar tyres, it behaved in a similar way. Most of the riders' comments put it in the "average" bracket, with one or two hints of praise peeping through when you've got an "average" bike at well below average cost, it means the value is good.

Of course, when you start analysing it in detail, it doesn't match the best bikes. Terry, having made a note of the good riding position and controls, particularly the brakes, on both the Honda and the Yamaha then came to the Suzuki: ". . .the bars are not so good and when pushed hard over a bumpy road you might get into a bit of a tank slapper. The foot pegs also touch the deck quite easily [as do the Yamaha's JR]. . .the tyres gripped quite well but it is not so powerful and rapid as the Honda and Yamaha and you certainly need to twist the throttle more to get things really humming." The GSX generally seemed comfortable on the road, with reasonable weather protection and a fairly good ride from the soft suspension. Its mirrors were criticised, as were its brakes. On the track, where the brakes were used very hard in a couple of places, the Suzuki was the only machine to need its back brake, the others had more than enough power up front. 350c69d7ab


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