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I grabbed the sides of my boxers and put my fingers through the holes, pulling them down slowly. My cock came out and I gasped. It was huge! I would have never thought I had such a big dick. I moved around on the bed, my cock jutting out, looking for a place I could relieve myself. I took a shaky breath and then began to jack my cock. I looked at my mom's ass in her shorts and her ass cheeks jiggled as she walked. I thought of her big butt and how nice it would be to feel it.

I began to feel more confident and I turned my attention back to my cock. I began to stroke my cock faster, I was close, I knew it. I heard a knock at the door. I looked up at the window to the living room. I could see my mom, the one that looked like me, the one that would suck and fuck me, the one that I wanted to fuck her so bad. I took one last breath and shoved my cock in her mouth, as far as I could. I felt her gag on my cock. It was so much bigger than her mouth. She coughed, but it didn't stop.

I looked around the living room where I was sat, making sure no one had seen me get hard. I couldn't take it anymore, I needed to jerk off. I stood up slowly, sneaking a look at my mom as she sat in her room eating potato chips. I snuck down the hall, taking every step silently. When I reached my room I shut the door softly. I could hear and see the world through the one window in the room, but I knew nobody could see or hear me. I needed to get it out of my system, I needed to release my built up energy. I moved to the end of the bed, removing my boxers and my undershorts. I stared at my cock, it was huge, from what I could tell. I took a deep breath and then pulled down my boxers and underwear. My cock was hard, barely concealed by a soft layer of foreskin.

I heard my mom's voice in the living room calling my name. I wanted to tell her I couldn't find my clothes, but before I had a chance she walked into my room. My mouth was drying and I tried to swallow to get rid of the taste.

I turned off the shower and got dressed. Suddenly, I felt the need to check on her. I went back to my room and opened my door slowly. She was sitting in her chair with her back facing me, talking to my father. My eyes traveled from my mom's hair down to her face.

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