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Smith Wigglesworth Apostle Of Faith Book Fix

Wigglesworth never wrote a book, but some of his sermons were published. His life prompted others to write inspiring books about him. His simple but powerful faith inspired multitudes, touching them by the power of God flowing through him. Some credit the great Healing Revival that broke out in 1948, the year after his death, to the seeds he had sown.

smith wigglesworth apostle of faith book

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Stanley illustrates the relentless search of Smith for baptism in the Holy Spirit. This book is an action-packed biography of an evangelist who experienced the miracles and ignited a passion for Pentecost through his world-renowned healing ministry. Stanley uses his pen to tell the story of a friend who struggled with his faith in God in his early years and then became an incredible human who committed to God and his ministry till death. It is a timeless story for a man whose heart hungered for a relationship with God and that he never recollected the time when he did not long for God. He became a vessel for God and his life depended on it. This book is a big source of inspiration for those who long for God in the yesterday, today and forever. The life of Smith Wigglesworth never fails to fascinate, which makes this book life-altering.

Supposedly, the only book he read was the Bible, which while laudable also seems extreme (as an avid reader, I rather believe that books are good, depending on the material). He also said that while feelings were unreliable, a simple believing faith in God and daily devotional reading of the Bible was necessary. Not exactly the picture you get of Pentecostals from some of their critics.


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