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Buy Pedal Board 2021

All of these things are a product of power, and most of our pedals run on a form of power called DC, or direct current. The power that comes from our walls is AC, or alternating current. When we get a wall wart for a pedal (or anything electronic for that matter), within that box there is a transformer that transforms the voltage (110 or 220, depending on where you live), into a set DC voltage and amperage, like, for example, 9 volts.

buy pedal board


There are a number of variables you have to take into account when shopping for a pedalboard power supply, depending on the power requirements of your chosen rig. Ask yourself these questions before you purchase a power supply:

Mostly known for their forward-thinking pedal designs, Walrus Audio has applied their knowledge of sound and circuits to their power supplies, resulting in a concise and easy-to-maneuver product that molds itself to any rig.

It is when you come to that realisation that you should start investing in guitar pedals. Coming in all shapes and sizes, the amount of pedal options is vast. From the wave of overdrives out there to more niche effects like ring modulators, the sheer level of choice might seem slightly overwhelming at first.

Also a time-based effect like reverb, a delay pedal reproduces your guitar sound as a repeat. While that description may not make it sound very appealing, as a creative tool, a delay pedal is pretty hard to beat.

On the subject of high-gain beasts, fuzz pedals are also popular with alternative rock and blues fans. Giving you a broken up and grainy character, fuzz boxes are great fun for experimental players looking to push the sonic boundaries.

Made from a thin sheet of anodized aluminium, this tough material is very light and makes Mono pedalboards extremely portable. Featuring several cutouts as opposed to rails, there is more surface area on a Mono pedalboard. This means that there is no compromise when it comes to pedal placement. The only downside with Mono pedalboards is their price!

T-Rex are a bonafide pedal brand in their own right, but they make pedalboards too. Their ToneTrunk pedalboard range is very affordable, with all models including stylish soft cases that offer adequate protection.

T-Rex has also used a slightly different design concept however, with their boards featuring two tiers. With the front half of the board sitting flat and the back half featuring a raised platform, this design guarantees easy access to your pedals mounted at the back. This eliminates the worry of accidentally switching on your pedals that sit in front, or knocking their controls!

Fortunately, the vast majority of modern pedals are centre negative, and most pedal power supplies cater just for them. Pedals that are centre positive are a rarity, and those that you do find will probably be vintage pedals. If you need to supply juice to a centre positive pedal, find a separate dedicated power supply.

A highly-regarded example is the all-encompassing Voodoo Lab Mondo, which features 12 full-isolated power outputs. With the ability to switch two of it outputs to 12V, as well as boasting four outputs that supply up to 400mA of current, this pedal power supply is suited for hefty pedalboards with lots of stompboxes.

For medium-sized boards, the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+ or MXR Iso-Brick are considered the best around. With 8 and 10 power outputs respectively, these super-solid PSUs are used by thousands of guitarists all over the world. However, the best affordable pedal power supply is arguably the Tone City Pedal Substation 1. With 10 high-current outputs, this all-encompassing pedal PSU can provide juice for power-hungry digital stompboxes and large pedalboard setups in general.

The TrueTone 1 Spot is perhaps the most well-known product out there that lets you daisy chain effects. Featuring an 8-plug cable and a single power adapter that supplies 1700mA of current, you can quite easily power an entire board with this affordable product. Also coming with several adapters, this is a fairly comprehensive package.

Good question. You may have noticed that some of your pedals feature battery compartments enclosed with a typical 9V. Decades ago, guitarists relied upon batteries to power their stompboxes as they were cheap and easy to replace. There are loads of pedal brands that still allow you to power their units with batteries, including BOSS, MXR and Electro-Harmonix.

So with that evidence, why do some pedal brands still fit their units with them? One reason could be if you just want to use a couple of pedals to experiment with when recording, without featuring them on your main day-to-day pedalboard.

Patch cables are basically super-shortened, jack-to-jack instrument cables. Typically U-shaped, patch cables let you place your pedals side-by-side and easily connect the output from one pedal straight into the input of the one beside it. With many modern patch cables featuring ultra-flat connector jacks, these allow you to place your pedals really close to one another, to save space.

When cutting the velcro, ensure that you have the velcro strips running all the way to edges of your pedalboard. This is so that you can maximize its real-estate, and have your pedals pushed all the way up to its perimeter if necessary.

Like we recommended earlier, double check the voltages and current requirements of each of your pedals before making any connections. Make a note, and then decide which outputs on your power supply will work for each stompbox. Next, use the supplied cables to connect your pedals to your power supply. After that, plug into your mains to check that all pedals are working correctly.

If you are thinking on buying a new pedalboard and still hesitating on which size of pedalboard do you need, keep reading. We will give you some tips to help you choose the best pedalboard for you!

Knowing how many effects pedals do you have now seems important, but it is not the most important thing you have to know. You may be a greedy creature, so you know new acquisitions will probably affect the space requirements...

Imagine you have now 7 effects pedals. I'm sure you will buy some new effects during this year. Where are you going to place them? Will you need to buy now a bigger pedalboard or invest on a modular pedalboard for the future?

So, we will always recommend buying a larger pedalboard now, to have some free space for future effects or buying a modular pedalboard to fit more effects.

An advantage to get a modular pedalboard, is that if you need more space you won't have to buy a new whole pedalboard. You only have to get some spare pieces and make it bigger, so you can add more effects pedals.

There is an important connection between capacity and transportation comfort; the smaller the pedalboard is, the fewer pedals but easier mobility you will get; whereas the larger the board gets, more number of pedals you will fit, which will be proportional to the strength needed to carry the pedalboard around. Some exercise is always welcome however!

- If you would like to take care of your pedals and keep them clean and free of adhesives, so you can sell them in a future for more money... Keep some space for the fasteners that will keep your effects pedals in the Smart Track pedalboard.

When you have your layout ready, use a measuring tape to measure the total rectangular dimensions taken. You should have now an approximate idea of the pedalboard dimensions you need and start looking on all the pedalboards in the market.

Once you have all these answers in mind and you have an idea of what you need, just look for the best pedalboard size for you. We have made a list of the standard dimensions for pedalboards:

The most portable & ligthweight pedalboards will give you a low capacity but maximum comfort. This are the best option for bassists or guitar players that only use a few effects pedals & like them perfectly lined-up.

The largest pedalboard in our standard options, but not the largest one you will be able to build as a custom Aclam's pedalboard. If this biggest option is not big enough for you, make your custom pedalboard bigger!

Check the complete pedalboard sizes catalogue: Pedalboards painted in green are the standard pedalboards and we sell them pre-mounted. Pedalboards painted in grey, can be constructed by yourself as a custom pedalboard here.

The distance between slats let you work on cable management freely through the top and the bottom part of the pedalboard. This option is now available in the US market.

Aclam's modular pedalboards have been designed to cover all your needs as a musician. Define how to attach your pedals, choose between our 5 standard pedalboard sizes or build your custom-sized pedalboard.

Check out our pedalboard collection and find the one that fits your needs. If you cannot find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, give us a call or email us and we will be happy to help! We want you to pick the best possible option. Everything you need to know before buying a guitar & bass pedalboard.

An efficient pedal arrangement on your pedalboard will facilitate navigating through it during gigs or studio sessions. Tidily connect pedals with patch cables, provide electricity using a power supply unit and build your perfect plug & play board. Use our soft cases or hard cases to protect your effects in the most demanding scenarios.

Both beginners and real pedal connoisseurs will find that pedalboard that feels just right. Having an appropriate effects pedal order layout and a protected and clear signal chain between them is a must for every player. 041b061a72


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