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Keychain Usb Mini Digital Camera Driver Download [HOT] LINK

Download =====

Keychain Usb Mini Digital Camera Driver Download [HOT]

The camera is essentially crap, but if you are OKAY with crap, it works fine. In the other thread on this camera some savvy kid has placed a link for a driver download and this driver works.* Forget about the driver on the cd, it does dick.

Answer (1 of 3): Well, first off, you will need the software which you can download from here.Thing to note are: - make sure the keychain is fully charged and not in charge mode. unzip and then install the software and drivers while the keychain is connected to your PC. I've heard of a few people having a few issues with these, so good luck! Driver for Innovage Photo Keychain I have installed the Photo Viewer software that came with my digital fc innovage photo keychain. Digital Photo Viewer Exe Freeware, Free Download Digital. My mother-in-law gave my pics to show off their OVO 1. Only producer of data and download from the DVP.

Photography options for the Arduino are few and far between. Webcams aren't practical for applications like kite photography or public photography, unless you feel like buying a 200 foot USB cable. And current techniques for stand-alone Arduino photography typically try to capture raw image data from CMOS cameras popped off of cell phones...and believe me, unless you need to digitally upload or alter those photos in real time, you don't want to go down that road. Why isn't there a normal, cheap, run of the mill digital camera that's controllable by Arduino Turns out there is at least one - and they sell it at your local drug store (CVS/Rite-Aid/Walgreens/etc.) It's those chintzy little keychain cameras that they sell for $10-15 a pop. The photography on them isn't half bad with a resolution of about 300 by 200, they can store between 20 and 240 photos (depending on the one you find), and it turns out the little guys were just made to be hacked. You can also do this same hack with a cheap 1 or 2 megapixel camera that takes SD cards if needed (see below), but we'll be stepping through the process used on the more commonly found 300 by 200 cameras.This Instructable will walk you through the process of disassembling, modifying and reassembling an off-the-shelf keychain camera. It will then walk you through wiring a simple set of transistor switch circuits that can be used by Arduino to turn the camera off and on and snap photos whenever your program desires. It'll also have sample code and plenty of pretty pictures.Before we start, a few notes: *The camera being hacked may change from blue to silver and back in the photos. Don't fret, the internals of both cameras are the same (I'm working with both at the moment for research.). This same camera is sold across the country in different colors, under different brand names and even with slightly different physical casings.*If this technique sounds familiar, it might be because what we're doing to the camera itself is very similar to the technique used by the CatCam, a project that went viral two years ago by putting small, time-lapse cameras on the collars of outdoor cats and watching where they go. The CatCam's technique uses a camera that's not easily available in the United States, and was written before Arduino really took off - hopefully this revisiting of the technique will help the DIY community rediscover and repurpose it in their projects. I discovered the CatCam as this project wrapped up, and both techniques were developed independently - so my technique likely varies from the CatCam technique; feel free to pick and choose techniques from the two.*If you are outside the US or willing to order directly from CatCam, the hackable camera they sell is of a higher quality - 1 or 2 Megapixel - and can save photos directly to an SD card. Very nice for many projects (but not necessary for all.) But if you want a camera today, head to any Rite-Aid, CVS, etc and pick up the camera shown here - a Digital Concepts camera, usually distributed by Sakar international


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