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Greek 27 Views ...

Even though Relations have been mostly adverse, Greek people had better views of Russia. A poll in 2019 found that 58% of Greeks viewed Russia favorably. However the Russian Invasion of Ukraine severely damaged Russia's image in Greece. As of 2022 72% of Greeks have a negative view of Russia, while only 27% have a favorable opinion. [4]

Greek 27 views ...

Almost all parties in the Greek parliament have denounced the invasion. [51][52][53] Greek people however, unlike politicians, continue to have favorable views on Russia; they sympathize with and even support the Russian side. [54]

Arete of Cyrene (5th-4th century BCE) is a prominent example, as well. She was taught philosophy by her father Aristippus, who reportedly was a student and friend of Socrates himself (Waithe, 1987). Upon the death of her father, she took ownership of the School of Cyrene, where she taught natural and moral philosophy. It is said that she taught for over thirty-five years, wrote over forty books, and counted approximately 110 philosophers among her students (Waithe, 1987). Her school of philosophy taught a hedonistic approach to pleasure and pain in human existence (Waithe, 1987). The Cyrenaics believed that positive emotions, discipline, knowledge, virtue, and just actions lead to pleasure. Negative emotions, on the other hand, and things such as anger, injustice, lack of virtue and ignorance lead to pain (Waithe, 1987). They viewed ethics and knowledge of good and evil as the primary nature of philosophical discourse and believed that logic and reason were useless topics to explore, as they did not lead to pleasure, their ultimate goal for human existence (Waithe, 1987). Although no documents written by Arete herself survive, we may examine the documents written by the philosophical school she headed, as she likely held similar views.

The William Randolph Hearst Greek Theatre is located on the UC Berkeley Campus in the foothills, overlooking the San Francisco Bay with spectacular views of The Campanile, The Golden Gate and Bay Bridges, Mount Tamalpais and San Francisco. Throughout its 100+ year history, the Greek Theatre has hosted a wide variety of entertainment and personalities including Theodore Roosevelt, Sarah Bernhardt, Luciano Pavarotti, and the 14th Dalai Lama.

This paper offers a picture of Greek views on madness and its therapy from Homer to Plato. In Homeric poems the main model of mental illness is that of a sort of possession of the sick man by a demon or divinity. This view is a common pattern in all primitive or archaic cultures. Correlative with it is a magic therapy, and both Illiad and Odyssey show several instances of treatments of mental diseases by conjuration and prayer. This conception lasted for a long time, mainly in the popular Greek mind, and connected with it there are certain types of religious cults as Corybantic and Asclepius. During V and IV centuries B.C. two new models of madness and its treatment are developed. The first is the somatic and natural model characterized by Hippocratic writings, and the second is Plato's philosophical one. Both oppose themselves each other, and none of them has an influence upon the other. The historian of psychiatry will be surely more interested on such themes as Socratic mayeutic, the Platonic dialectic itself, Aristotle's rhetoric and his interpretation of tragic catharsis. All these subjects, not being directly related with madness therapy, are however concerned with the modern view on it.

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As Aristotle quite rightly observes in this passage, we findourselves regularly and easily speaking in teleological terms whencharacterizing non-human animals and plants. It is consistentwith our so speaking, of course, that all of our easy language in thesecontexts is rather too easy: it is in fact lax and careless, because unwarrantedlyanthropocentric. We might yet demand that all such language beassiduously reduced to some non-teleological idiom when we are beingscientifically strict and empirically serious, though we would firstneed to survey the explanatory costs and benefits of our attempting todo so. Aristotle considers and rejects some views hostile toteleology in Physics ii 8 and Generation andCorruption i.[22]

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