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Calibre 6.7.0

  • If you are using Windows 8, please use calibre 5.44, which works with all Windows 8 machines, from here. Simply un-install calibre and install 5.44, doing so will not affect your books/settings.

  • If you are using Windows 7 or Vista, please use calibre 3.48, which works with all Windows 7/Vista machines, from here. Simply un-install calibre and install 3.48, doing so will not affect your books/settings.

calibre 6.7.0

Versie 6.7.0 van Calibre is uitgekomen. Dit opensource-e-bookbeheerprogramma is beschikbaar voor Windows, Linux en macOS. Het kan onder meer alle relevante informatie en omslagafbeeldingen opzoeken, en e-boeken converteren om ze geschikt te maken voor de diverse soorten e-readers. Verder kan het programma kranten, tijdschriften en nieuwsartikelen op basis van rss-feeds omzetten in e-bookformaat. Ook kunnen met Calibre boeken worden aangeschaft bij de bekende webwinkels.

Dear Laura, I very much admire your patience in helping really so many people! Sadly, I too have to bother you. I have calibre 4.9.1 which I run under macOS 10.14.6I do not quite understand what I have to do, to see more recently bought books from Amazon. Do I have to uninstall KFX input and KFX output?Many thanks for your advice,Adrian

At this time, the DeDRM plugin needs to be updated to handle a change in calibre 4.6 in regards to KFX format. You can either go back to calibre version 4.5 or disable downloads of KFX format in Kindle for PC.

Kindle for Mac needs to be on the same machine and user as calibre with DeDRM. If you have Kindle for Mac 1.23 or earlier, things should work as long as calibre is no later than 4.5. If you have a more recent version of Kindle for Mac, use method 2 at the previous post and also see this post:

Correct. You will still need to use Kindle for PC/Mac 1.24 or earlier to get KFX format files that can be decrypted. But you should be able to update to the latest calibre now. Would someone who downloads Kindle books in the KFX format please let us know?

Amazon account deleted but I downloaded my kindle books beforehand, I have the .axz files will it be possible to open these in calibre now using the suggested plugins, or because my account is closed I will never be able to open them?

I use calibre and dedrm for a while now, but since a few month it is not working anymore. I install the plugin but the DRM is not removed anymore. Would be great if someone might help me. Thanks a lot!

I work with my notebook offline (online i work with my iPad). I have download calibreportableonline.exe and calibre2501-64bit.msi but installer work only online! Have offline installer of calibre portable.exe or where I put calibre.msi? I try on ....local/temp but not work.... 041b061a72


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