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Setedithd100 1.43 build 199: A Software for Editing Satellite Channels

If you are looking for a software that allows you to edit and manage satellite channels on your HD receivers, you might want to try Setedithd100 1.43 build 199. This software supports various formats and features that can help you sort, rename, delete, move, and backup your channels with ease. In this article, we will explain what Setedithd100 1.43 build 199 is, what it can do, and how to use it.


What is Setedithd100 1.43 build 199?

Setedithd100 1.43 build 199 is a software that allows users to edit and manage satellite channels on their HD receivers . It is compatible with Comag HD100, Comag SL100HD, Comag SL90HD, and other receivers that use the same format. It can read and write channel lists in various formats, such as BIN, TXT, CSV, XML, and XLS. It can also convert channel lists between different formats.

What can Setedithd100 1.43 build 199 do?

With Setedithd100 1.43 build 199, users can perform various tasks on their satellite channels, such as:

  • Sort channels by name, frequency, provider, or category

  • Rename channels with custom names or predefined templates

  • Delete unwanted or duplicate channels

  • Move channels to different positions or groups

  • Backup and restore channel lists to and from files or devices

  • Edit channel properties, such as video PID, audio PID, service ID, etc.

  • Add or remove favorite channels

  • Search for channels by name, frequency, or provider

  • Compare channel lists and find differences

  • Print channel lists or export them to PDF

How to use Setedithd100 1.43 build 199?

To use Setedithd100 1.43 build 199, users need to follow these steps:

  • Download and install Setedithd100 1.43 build 199 from the official website or from other sources . The software is free to use for a limited time, but users can purchase a license key to unlock all features.

  • Connect the HD receiver to the PC via a USB cable or a card reader. The software will automatically detect the device and load the channel list from it. Alternatively, users can open a channel list file from the PC or from the internet.

  • Edit the channel list as desired using the software's interface and tools. Users can view the channel list in different modes, such as grid view, tree view, or list view. Users can also preview the channels on the PC screen using the built-in player.

  • Save the edited channel list to the device or to a file. Users can also upload the channel list to the internet or share it with others via email or social media.

Setedithd100 1.43 build 199 is a useful software for editing and managing satellite channels on HD receivers. It offers various features and functions that can help users customize their channel lists according to their preferences. Users can download and try Setedithd100 1.43 build 199 for free from the official website or from other sources.


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