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in my bag рџ’°

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This is a well thought bag that has served me well over the last few weeks. It will hold a large bag of groceries and even has a beverage holder for a thermos. There is a hole in the bottom in case fluid gets into the bag. It collapses into a very flat form factor when not in use and has easy to use clasps with expansion capabilities. I am very happy with it, since it really turns my Tern Vektron e-bike into a utility vehicle rather than just a good way for me to get around my city.

I bought this bike to replace a Gocycle GS. There is a lot to like about the Cube1. Superb build quality: the welds are smooth, the frame is very solid, and all this is evident in the stable and quiet ride.2. Bosch mid drive motor is provides power very naturally. You get the feeling that the motor is helping you pedal. Unlike hub motor bikes where you feel the motor is pulling you along.3. Excellent range: I can easily get 70 miles of range on a combination of eco and tour modes.4. Competitive pricing: its about $300-$1500 cheaper than Tern/R&M/Flyer bikes with similar specs.

The waterproof Trunk-Bag RC Urban combines stylish elegance with on-the-go convenience. Thanks to the Top-Lock adapter, initial installation is done in a jiffy, and during use, attaching and detaching the bags from the luggage rack is child's play due to Read More Regular Price $179.99 Sale Price $179.99 Regular Price Sale Sold Out Unit Price /translation missing: en.general.accessibility.unit_price_separator ART. NO. F8422 BLACK / 12L - $179.99 PEPPER / 12L - $199.99 Color BLACK Volume 12L 12L Added to Cart View Cart or Continue Shopping. Cart Error Some items became unavailable. Update the quantity and try again. Please note: Due to recent increases in order volumes, we are experiencing fulfillment delays of up to 4 business days. We are hard at work to quickly get back to the service levels you deserve. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

The waterproof Trunk-Bag RC Urban combines stylish elegance with on-the-go convenience. Thanks to the Top-Lock adapter, initial installation is done in a jiffy, and during use, attaching and detaching the bags from the luggage rack is child's play due to the unlocking handles on both sides. The Top-Lock adapter will fit most luggage racks and can accommodate rack widths of 80 to 160 millimeters, a tube diameters between 8 to 16 millimeters.The Trunk-bag sports a 12 liter volume and can carry loads up to 10 kilos / 22 lbs, all of which will stay dry and protected thanks to the roll closure, which also functions as a handle when closed. The bag is therefore suitable for both small grocery runs and longer bike tours alike.The inside pocket with key hook ensures order inside the bag, even if the terrain gets a little bumpy. When you make a stop, the Trunk-Bag can easily and conveniently be carried by its shoulder strap. The trunk bag RC Urban is PVC-free and, of course, sustainably made in Germany.Further features:+ hooks double as bag feet for when you need to set your bag down+ reflective logo on both sides of the bag+ attachment option for rear light or reflector

RC Tecumseh is a new early season variety of upland switchgrass developed from Summer switchgrass (originating in Eastern Nebraska). The main advantages of RC Tecumseh is it has excellent yield potential for an early maturing switchgrass and has good tolerance of drought stress. It has low lodging potential, excellent winter hardiness and persistence. RC Tecumseh was genetically improved for upright growth and increased height. It is an early maturing variety, approximately 10 days earlier than Cave-in-rock. RC Tecumseh was selected for reduced seed dormancy and increased seedling vigor. It is well suited for late summer harvest when it reaches physiological maturity. It has a wide regional adaptation to the Great Plains and is an excellent choice for low fertility soils in the Midwest prone to summer drought stress. It is well suited for forage, biomass, soil conservation and wildlife habitat applications. A great choice for sandy soils.

Congratulations, you have found the absolute best food plot seed offered to hunters and deer enthusiasts. We started as a company on a kitchen table and have quickly grown to one of the best seed companies around. We understand that not every plot is the same. And we offer common sense solutions to most planting situations. From tiny harvest plots to full blown multiple acre destination plots, Northwoods Whitetails has a seed blend for you. Take a look around and see for yourself. We are sure there is something here for you.

At Northwoods we strive to keep the cost of products as low as possible. We do not have fancy bags for our seed or celebrity hunters on our payroll. We are everyday working folks like you and value is important to us. Just know you are getting the finest, freshest seed you can here at Northwoods Whitetails Inc.

Do you remember the date you were diagnosed with bladder cancer? Most hands will go up with that one! Who would ever think a doctor would recommend bladder removal as a treatment for cancer? People can't live without a bladder! What? And have any type of life at all after?

There are 3 types of diversion options after bladder removal. Not everyone is "eligible" for every option and some are only interested in one. I had RC/IC, known as ileal conduit, on September 30, 2014. On that day I became a "bag lady" and cancer-free.

If having your bladder removed has been discussed, how long was it before someone who has their bladder told you your life will be over? You will not have any quality of life, certainly not the quality of life before your RC? Will everyone know that you are bladderless?

Fact - I am not a nudist so very few people know I have a bag. My medical team, family members, and a few others who I chose to tell know I have a bag. It is not much larger than a sandwich bag so people do not know I wear a bag.

Fact - speaking as someone who chose not to continue through grueling treatments and tests that taxed my body, mind, and spirit, I can tell you honestly that I would not have done things any differently. I do more now that there is not the constant stress of cancer hanging over my head.

I never ever get up at night to use the bathroom. I empty standing facing a toilet, so that takes away getting close to public toilets. I also started a new job 27 days after my RC/IC surgery and no one there ever knew I wore a bag. I wear the same clothes and participate in the same activities.

Fact - this is not true. I have never had any odor issue and trust me someone, anyone, in my family or close circle of friends would mention that to me if that was the case. There are drops that can be put in the bag before attaching it if you have that fear. Any unusual odors should be investigated as a possible infection.

Since RC I have been in over 25 5K races and placed in the top 3 in 4 of them. I finished the Mackinaw trio race - 20 miles total in 2017. I have ziplined, toured Europe, placed first in a local triathlon, the list goes on!

Fact - every diversion has a learning curve and IC is no different. Will you have leaks in the beginning? Yes. But with the help of a stoma nurse and a variety of choices between wafers and bags, you will find the one that works for you. During your recovery, there will be leaks until you are healed. I change once a week and honestly never have leaks

If you go into this with a positive attitude and winning spirit, you may just surprise yourself at how well you do with a bag. It is not for everyone but it works for me and being cancer-free is a great reward.

The Scorpion RC Travel Pit Bag is a medium sized, multi-purpose travel bag that can haul a multitude of RC essentials. The bag features 3 drawers, side pockets, a tool organizer and more. The drawers can accommodate some 1/10 scale buggys and touring cars. The drawers are also great for your radio gear, tools, tires, or anything else that is quasi large. The retail price on this bag is $99.99. 041b061a72


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