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There is no doubt that accidents and incidents can arise from the lack of proficiency of Aviation English. Despite the many options available today with training and online resources, ATC and miscommunication incidents are still happening in and outside of the cockpit/cabin/airport environment. This is especially more pronouced in Aviation companies hiring a multi-national workforce and globalisation.

At TRAVCON ACADEMY work in close Partnership with INLINGUA SINGAPORE and jointly develop training programs with DynED software and inlingua prorpietary langage learning services. We also utilise an in-house blended learning approach with UK-Trained Aviation instructors/raters from SINGAPORE & HONGKONG who are familiar with the Asian candidates and the cultural aspects. This not only pertains to the contextual use of Aviation English but also applies to the culturally diverse scenarios it may be used in. The training approach is coupled with engagements with current multi-national Airline and ex-Military pilots/instructors to best utilise current technology in simulation and biometrics to expedite the traditonal learning processes.

For Foreign candidates this is especially important for you to maximise these benefits in terms of your professional training and job interview processes. Click below to see a presentation on the imprortance of aviation english and how it would start you off on your Aviation Journey.

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Aviation English: Text
Aviation English: Image
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